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Love for years has called for so much attention, interpretation, expression and definition. Every heart responds to it in various ways like we do to reflex actions. To many, their actions could be the best even when they do not make sense to the layman.
Emphasizing on love and its effect on one’s life, then we have to go back to the creator himself, whom out of love gave his son as ransom for man’s sin-love in its purest form.
Even great men in one way or the other have shown love or have been in love and were unable to control this feeling or explain what it really is.
SHAKESPEARE felt it and the only way he could express it was to put it down into writing in his numerous works. So many were engulfed with its power and the only way it could be explained was either by putting it into music, poems, stories or by doing the extraordinary.
MICHEAL JACKSON (the king of POP music), in his song “SPEECHLESS” said that love is MAGICAL. I quite agree with him because in the past, so many great men were brought down. For love, many gave their lives just to prove it and for it many hearts were broken. Love actions are the things we do in one way or the other because we are in love or because we want to prove what we feel inside our heart to the ones we love.
 For love, I was blinded, I could go places and take decisions that sometimes might not be favorable to me but in a quest to prove my love.
 For love, I go down on my knees to say “I am sorry” even though I am not wrong.
 For love, I saw tears drop down my cheek like a heavy flood because the one I truly love has taken a walk without saying goodbye.
 For love, I sit in the bar with bottles of red wine and glasses of dry gin helplessly captive to their supremacy at that point in time because she is no more.
 For love, mothers will starve to make sure that their children have food to eat.
 For love, I could run a thousand miles, thinking I have only covered a mile just to be with her.
 For love, I cancel appointments and important meetings because today is her birthday and because I want to remind her of her blessed I am to be loved by her.
 For love, I lay my head on my pillow thinking about her soft, lovely kisses, beautiful smiles and tender voice whispering to my ears and sometimes spending only two hours to sleep or not sleeping at all because I missed her.
 For love, I still think of her, even when I fight everyday to forget about her because she broke my heart and for love loneliness knew my me by name because she is no where to be found.
The power of love can not be overpowered or tamed, that is why I strongly agree with CELINE DION in her song “POWER OF LOVE” because it is greater, stronger, unbeatable, and uncontrollable. For its power the world smallest mum was married to one of the world most handsome man. For love, a prince or princess vows never to marry if not for his or her slave boyfriend or girlfriend.
What a feeling or force we have inside of us. I greatly admire all those who are in love and urge those who are yet to unlock or unleash it, to please do so because it is the greatest gift to mankind.
For years I have tried to give my own definition of love, based on what I feel and not what others feel or think. I am glad to say that “the definition of love is not the feeling of being in love but the mystery behind this feeling”.
I would like to conclude that love is a mystery which can not be explained, expressed or described by anybody except you- that is in love at that point in time.
Love is sweet when you are in love with one who loves you back and sour when it is one sided, but that does not mean that you should stop loving. However, it is very necessary to love since it makes life better and sweeter. Ask a friend who is in love how it feels to be in love, then you will understand what I am talking about- because the smile that will pop up on his face when he stars his or her story will tell you that it is sweet to fall in love.
You can have fun by sharing your own definition of love with me. Yours is highly welcome because two heads are better than one or rather two love hearts are better than a thousand heads. Love makes you great and creative, so be creative by loving someone and remember that BLUTTS

can help you avoid heartbreak. BLUTTS –THE HEARTBREAK REMEDY AND YOU.